Sheep Products

Our sheep are handled and fed in the same way as our horses. They are cross-bred sheep with plenty of pluck, many of them having nicknames. Twice a year they are shorn to give them a boost in production. We use Low Stress Stock handling techniques to work with them, aiming to provide a level of trust between them and our workers that is consistently rewarded by mutual cooperation. We graze them mostly with our horses as a counterbalance for each other’s internal parasite control. They are supplemented with minerals and vitamins and also, if at all possible, have no chemicals used on them. They are bled on a rotational roster in order for their blood to recover between bleeds. All processes are governed by the New South Wales Director-General’s Animal Care and Ethics Committee.

Defibrinated sheep blood

The defibrination process is so gentle that we are able to make good quality serum from the blood that has been through this process. The low haemolysis of our blood enables it to be consistently robust, giving long shelf life (4-5 weeks). This is perfect for agar plate production, where the plates have up to a six week expiry period.

Sheep serum

We make serum from our defibrinated blood. The defibrination process is gentle enough that a very pale yellow serum can be achieved with low haemolysis. Once sterile filtered it is perfect for a myriad of tasks in the lab, from feeding cells to blocking immunoassays and much more.

Sheep plasma

Sheep plasma is made with your choice of anticoagulant (Acid Citrate Dextrose, Sodium Citrate or Heparin). Once centrifuged it is sent straight away to keep the integrity of the proteins, or frozen to send if you wish.

Sheep blood in Alsevers

Our sheep blood in Alsevers is used commercially and by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries for a range of applications. It is a citrate-based product.


We can custom-make antibodies with your antigen. Call us to talk about how we can help you.
We are able to custom-make antibodies for you in sheep and horses. If you send us your antigen, adjuvant and required schedule, we will carry out the procedure and send you back serum samples until the required titre of antibody is reached. Upon your request we will collect a specified volume of serum to send to you at the end of the schedule. Price will depend on number of animals required and length of schedule.