Our Vision

What if the products you used in your laboratory could accomplish more than what they do in your lab? What if their lifecycle had a whole list of benefits to the natural world, the donor animals, rural communities, disadvantaged children overseas, as well as giving you great performance and the highest quality at the bench? What if the people who sent that product to you loved their work and were proud of the consistent standard they were maintaining each week?

When we say ‘It’s in our blood’, we mean all these things and more.

When you purchase our blood you are taking part in a family farm mission to regenerate tired farming soil and the habitat around it. You are taking part in the retirement of hundreds of horses whose racing career is over and aiding in the quest to care for them with natural methods. You are helping employ rural men and women and supporting rural school and sporting groups. And some of your money is helping children overseas to a quality of life that was previously beyond their reach.

That’s a totally fresh look at that clever bottle of blood on your bench, isn’t it! We have many happy customers who continue to buy our blood year after year just for its consistent quality and performance.

Our blood products are waiting to unleash their benefits upon the world. With your help they can. Welcome to our site. We hope you find what you are looking for and that we can be of service to you too.

Gavin Heywood – Managing Director

Our Story

Serum Australis is owned and run by a family who has been farming for over one hundred years and many generations on the same land in NSW, Australia.

Our story is all about health and satisfaction. It begins with soil microbes.

Healthy soils are teeming with life; billions of microbes per teaspoon of soil if you can look after them well. These microbes interact with the roots of our pasture to bring nutrients and water to it. For this reason the health of our soils is at the top of our management priorities. We very rarely use chemicals of any sort on our soil or in our animals. That would harm our soil health. Instead, we feed our soil and pastures with natural fertilisers such as compost and poultry manure, and supplement our animals with minerals and vitamins. We use the grazing of our animals as a tool to optimise our nutrients, water and sunlight in a way that benefits the health of our soil, pasture, animals and blood.

It can be said that our blood products have microbial beginnings. Healthy soils produce healthy pasture with high nutrient density, feeding our animals well. Well-fed animals are satisfied and healthy, resistant to disease, and their blood is also top quality. This is enhanced by the use of low stress stock handling techniques. The beginning, though, is the life in the soil.

The circle is completed in the laboratory where the majority of our blood finds its purpose as a microbial food source in agar plates. It is a great source of satisfaction to us that our blood aids microbiologists in their diagnostic work. It’s a fitting end use for a product that has its origins in healthy soils. Already our blood has long shelf life and excellent performance in the laboratory. As our soils improve in health our plan is for this strength of our blood to continue.

We see that the success of our blood will be a function of the health of our soil. By looking after it we grow healthy pasture. Healthy pasture grows healthy animals. Healthy animals are satisfied and give healthy blood. Healthy blood performs well in the laboratory and leads to satisfied customers. Satisfied customers return to us for more!

Health and satisfaction. It’s in our blood.